Mortal Kombat X is less than a week away! As kombat draws nearer, fans who've pre-ordered the game can look forward to day one DLC access to Goro! He's facing off against Earthrealm champion Johnny Cage in a playable intro preview from NetherRealm Studios. Check it out:

Goro: Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: Don't you owe me some sunglasses?
Goro: Here is what you are owed!

Four-armed Shokan Royal Goro has nothing but contempt for the jovial Johnny Cage as they come face-to-face. Johnny's Hollywood days are well behind him as a member of the Special Forces, but that hasn't stopped him bringing a star's savior faire to the battlefield.

While the pair didn't have a lot to say to each other in Mortal Kombat (2011), Johnny's sunglasses quip is a nice nod to the 1995 feature film where the shades were crushed. Star Linden Ashby had many memorable moments as Johnny Cage, but his Third Act face-off with an animatronic Goro ranks high among them for the action movie one-liner: "Those were five hundred dollar sunglasses..."

Goro has interesting details in his entrance - one of the most requested during NeherRealm's #MKXfightintro hashtag. Like iconic images from the movie, he enters with a cape. Once tossed aside, it exposes glowing Shokan markings on his back. You can see more of Goro in action by watching the Official Trailer!

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