You can bet there'll be a whole lot of fighting words to go around when Mortal Kombat X ships in the coming year [full story]! It's all thanks to an extensive pre-fight intro system that sees kombatants taunt, warn and threaten their opponents with personalized dialogues. The latest intro from NetherRealm Studios pits godly veteran Raiden against impetuous newcomers Ferra/Torr. Check it out below:

Raiden: Leave now, Ferra.
Ferra: Rip out his glowy parts.
Raiden: I foresee a different result.

Thundergod Raiden addresses the sadistic brains behind debuting tandem - Ferra/Torr - with an interesting note of familiarity. He certainly doesn't seem intimidated - commanding the pair to leave the fight before they come to blows. There also isn't a lot of hostility present in Raiden's order, which only comes after he almost inadvertently teleports into the fray. Is it pity, dismissal, or something more involved that motivates this response?

With a story spanning 25 years - it's difficult to say when, or how, Raiden would make the acquaintance of this brutal new pairing. Popular reference gives Ferra/Torr a certain post-apocalyptic flavour that could explain the protector god's interest, but that assumes something terrible for the fate of Earthrealm.

Raiden's still making cute little quips about his visions of the future. The feelings of the individual toward the time twisting story of Mortal Kombat (2011) will determine how appreciated it is. It remains to be seen how much of the timeline of previous games will play out in the new reality of Mortal Kombat X - if at all.

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Little touches in the sequence demonstrate the quality of in-engine renderings. Raiden's electric energy crackles with a threatening chaos more severe than ever before. The use of depth in establishing the fighter's arrival is delivered with a level of subtlety that shows progress over previous generations. The child-like Ferra, with her mismatched punk personality, seems destined to be a memorable new addition to the series.

This is the third release of character intros. Catch up with: Cassie Cage v Kotal Kahn and Scorpion v Quan Chi!

Raiden vs Ferra/Torr was previously featured in an image/text combo on the official Facebook. We'll assume that means you still have time to request an intro dialogue between two reveal characters! To do so, simply tweet your battle using the hashtag #MKXfightintro. Be sure to include @MK_Online in your tweet so we can share it!

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