For many months, fans have pondered who will fight in the ultimate battle between good and evil. Some struggles go beyond the mortal precepts of morality - such is the nature of the Clueless Gamer Big Game Showdown!

Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch and Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski will enter the Clueless Gamer arena during the Conan of Thursday, January 29th. Their choice of arms will be the fighters of Mortal Kombat X! Overseeing the 2-man tournament will be show host and ancient sorcerer maintaining his youth with the consumption of unsuspecting souls, Conan O'Brien.

There may be blood. There may be tears. If the 2013 appearance by Injustice: Gods Among Us was any indication -- there may even be an unexpected character or two. Above all else, there will be male bonding achieved through the mutual understanding of the frailty of human existence. Mostly there'll be blood, though.

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Make sure you're tuned to TBS 11/10c to see it all go down! Visit for more.

Mortal Kombat X arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC on April 14th. Register to discuss the post-match breakdown on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Team CoCo employees should direct all anonymous libel to the aforementioned Tonight Show topic.