Olá, Brasil! Que diabos é isso? Mortal Kombat X has paid tribute to its loyal South American following with the release of the downloadable Brazil Pack! The three-pack of kosplay skins outfit klassic kombatants in Brazilian inspired attire. See it in action in the official DLC trailer:

Players can look forward to an ethnically confused, shaolin soccer mish-mash with Futbol Johnny Cage, Capoeira Liu Kang & Gaucho Kung Lao. The latest in a series of kosplay skin packs that redress icons of the series in themed costumes.

Kombat Pack holders have already received multiple skins packs: Samurai Pack, Ultimate Horror Pack & Klassic Pack 1. Soviet fans can also relive the good old days with the Kold War Pack. Quan Chi, Jax & Kung Lao will receive traditional skins in the future Klassic Pack 2. No further designs based on the characters themselves have been announced at this time.

Pacote Brasileiro was released June 16th for R$ 8,00 ($3.99 US). Register to join the digital karnivale and share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum.