Series co-creator Ed Boon is promising "BIG" Mortal Kombat X news coming hot on the heels of the latest Kombat Kast! Boon tweeted a picture to tease the update - a heavenly image familiar to klassic fans. Look to la luna below:

Fans of the original Mortal Kombat will remember a very similar night sky above The Pit stage, where secret character Reptile famously instructed fans to "Look to La Luna" [read more].

The teaser image seems to support Mortal Kombat Online's reports from July, which connected update code to a speculated return for klassic kombat arena: The Pit. Boon first floated the prospect of klassic arenas as DLC back in May.

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The teaser could also be interpreted as an image of space - where no one can hear you scream. Ed Boon's twitter account was briefly a hot spot for Alien discussion, reigniting speculation about guest DLC.

A major patch update is already rolling out to PlayStation 4 & Xbox One consoles. It promises sweeping updates to character move properties, a few new moves, and bug fixes. Compatibility patches have been used to usher in other major updates.

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