With Mortal Kombat X Mobile available for iOS and coming soon to Android, fans can already begin their mastery of unlocking ahead of the Tuesday launch of the console & PC version [trailer]!

Players with a WBPlay WBID automatically qualify for access to the Future Raiden Skin -- but you'll have to play hard to unlock Farmer Jax and Ninja Mime Johnny Cage [pictured above].

Why a farmer and a mime? Long time fans know Ninja Mime is the Johnny Cage film least liked by Cyrax, seen most recently on billboards in Mortal Kombat (2011). Farmer Jax seems like a head scratcher for the steel-armed super soldier, but since he's retired from the Special Forces in MKX, we'll guess he's gone American Gothic in his down time. It's an honest living!

Farmer Jax and Ninja Mime are Mobile exclusive, but unlock for the console version, too! Mortal Kombat X officially hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC next Tuesday, April 14th! Already unlocked the extra skins? Register to tell us on the Mortal Kombat X forum!