Concept Artist Justin Murray was one of several creators featured during the last NetherRealm Studios Kombat Kast. He shared more of his Reptile & Kitana work after the show, including an interesting look at an Acid Spit concept [below]:

The images offer a closer look at some of the artwork already seen in galleries released for Kitana & Reptile - including the latter alternate costume that is said to have special story mode significance. The artist shared his infectious excitement with Mortal Kombat Online, via Twitter:

See both characters in action by watching the Kombat Kast stream archive, or by revisiting the Reptile or Kitana reveal trailers! Examine the finished designs further with Reptile and Kitana design spotlights, as well.

Murray is currently an artist for Vainglory developer Super Evil MegaCorp. He also contributed designs to NetherRealm's 2013 fighter: Injustice: Gods Among Us. Find more of his work on Facebook. Discuss his current work further on the Mortal Kombat X forum!