Mortal Kombat 7, opening prologue I came up with
After Shang Tsung had killed me, my body was robbed from its grave and revived. After Shang Tsung's death, my spirit was free. Unfortunately, the threat of Onage, the Dragon King was too large to overlook, I asissted Shujinko as he with our combined power defeated Onaga. But my mentor and friend, the Thunder God Raiden had been reborn, but it was not the same. His eyes glowed red and was still intent on protecting Earthrealm

But he was not the same.....

(To be continued)
My soul confronted my body, they both dueled in Mortal Kombat, but neither was able to gain the advantage, but Raiden appeared and zapped both of them with lightning, in no time, my body and soul became one again...

I was alive again

However Raiden pursued Shujinko and battled him high atop a mountain. Shujinko fought well, but was eventually vaporized by the God's immense power. I was a witness to this horrific battle. I couldn't believe Raiden would do such a thing, Elsewhere, in Outworld. Havik took the heart of the Dragon King from its corpse, and used it to revive Shao Khan, who I've defeated twice before with the help of Raiden. I've appeared before my friends the Earthrealm warriors who were elated to see me again. If we can strike Shao Kahn now, we can end the threat of Outworld for good, but Raiden must be stopped for his own good, his patience with us mortals has grown thin, It has fallen on to me to stop both threats, this might prove impossible for even the Mortal Kombat champion. Only I can stop Raiden....

-The words of Liu Kang
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01/03/2005 06:30 PM (UTC)
It's nice but it sounds a little too "fan-made". Too many things fans want to see at the same time seems unlikely since the MK team unusually does what we want...
01/03/2005 06:35 PM (UTC)
The idea of Liu Kang being a central character is a bit lame. The central character should be either a new one, or a character whose story and personality has not been explored in much detail. Personally I believe that Liu Kang shouldn't have appeared in MKD, and a new 'bad guy' should have taken his place.
01/04/2005 03:34 AM (UTC)
Shut up that what u wrote is nothing but everyones ending from Deception
So don't lie I hope Midway look at thatsadsadsadsadsadsadfuriousfuriousfuriousfuriousfuriousfurioustonguetonguetonguetonguetonguetonguetonguetonguefuriousfuriousfurioussadsadsadfurious
01/04/2005 08:11 PM (UTC)
I liked your story because I am a big fan of Liu Kang. I could see some potential in this storyline. Both Shao Kahn and Raiden are the threats in this game, and they would not be part of the same alliance. So that would have Earthrealm's warriors divided to take on both of the threats. I see that Liu Kang is more focused on Raiden but there should be another character who would try and focus on Shao Kahn. I am thinking that character could be Sub-Zero or another character, perhaps Kung Lao?

I liked what Vogel did with the storyline, the presense of the One Being. Though in your story you did not describe what Shao Kahn's and Raiden's motives were, I could predict that Raiden would focus on the awakening of the One Being and Shao Kahn would focus on taking advantage of the chaos that is amongst the realm and try to reform his once fabled empire. So this story would be exploited through many realms. Raiden's Destructive path towards obtaining a sacred rune that would awaken the one being and destroy all of the realms. And Shao Kahn's campaign on conquering the realms yet again.

To spicen things up, mabey part of Earthrealm could get conquered by Shao Kahn and the Elder Gods are in chaos up in the heavens, the whole Mortal Kombat universe would be at the brink of Armageddon and since Raiden had lost his faith and is now reborn, he would relize that the existence of the six realms is futile and would wish to join the One Being instead of watching the chaos and ignorant beings that exist within the realms.

Having Liu Kang lead half of the pack would make some sense, he would be the most likley candidate on saving the world, but I think the true hero of this game would be a new and unique character who would be considered the underdog of this game. I feel that if Liu Kang returns in this game, this would be his last hurrah, let's say that in the end Liu Kang would sacrifice himself to stop the One Being from awakening and before he goes motivates the fighter who defeats the main boss, and tells him that he is the next Mortal Kombat champion. It would leave a gateway to the next Mortal Kombat after this and it would give us Liu Kang fans a chance to see him depart from the Mortal Kombat universe and pave the way for the next generation of Earthrealm's fighters.
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01/05/2005 11:04 PM (UTC)
well liu kang is dead as well as raiden(too bad for him) ,they should rott in their grave not coming back ,liu kang? i hate him with his COPY of master bruce lee , liu kang is an arogant fool, better dead..........furious
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