Edit: Are you ducking kidding? Of course we are! We went three layers deep to imbed this year's April Fool within an April Fool within an April Fool Tower -- but you knew all along! You just can't fool a Mortal Kombat Online reader - their source of MK news keeps them too reliably informed! We hope you had a quacking good time with our little joke, all the same. You never know - maybe one of these days they really will give us a new MK secret! If they do, you'll read about it on MK Online - so stay tuned!

Players with fully updated versions of Mortal Kombat XL are discovering a timely surprise to go with the April Fools Premier Tower. Along with the mind bending challenges of the latest Living Tower; fans are discovering two new visitors to The Kove stage!

The visitors come in the form of a mysterious ninja and a giant shark, who appear at seemingly random intervals in the background when fighting at The Kove. The sightings started roughly when the April Fool Tower went live. Screenshots follow:

The appearances are reportedly tied to a unique April Fool's Stage Fatality, which can be activated only when both the shark [fin] and ninja are present during the fight. What, if anything, will trigger their appearance is still unknown, but the combination of the two is said to be particularly rare.

MK Online follower @BlameItOnRain reports the stage fatality sees the background ninja raise his arm to summon a tidal wave that will fill the screen, bringing the shark into play for a bloody finish. The fatality is similar in concept to Aquaman's Super Move in Injustice: Gods Among Us [Watch: Mad Sharks].

The mystery ninja in question, who will emerge from the surf mid-fight to watch the match from the rocky shore, appears to be Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot -- a direct reference to a past Mortal Kombat Online April Fools prank! The design and stance of the character used directly recalls the fake render created for MK Online's 2015 prank. Creative Director Ed Boon also shared Mortal Kombat Online's Special Forces April Fool with fans in 2014.

The infamous character first appeared as a curiosity of Mortal Kombat Trilogy [read more], where he began life as Mortal Kombat's only waterproof, duck-billed ninja. Little is known about the true circumstances of his bizarre creation, but like Ermac and Skarlet before him, it seems "Aqua" has joined the fold of lore made reality. At least for as long as the April Fools Tower is live!

Special thanks to MK Online Users Poasty-Guy, ShoeUnited & @BlameItOnRain for providing information and screenshots. Found something we might like to know about? Submit a newslead! Support the site by liking & sharing stories via @MK_Online and Facebook!