Ermac and Quan Chi stroll through the forest. Sektor's disembodied head sits quietly alone. A drunken hand reaches up from the floor. A Tarkatan has a nasty tummy ache... These seemingly innocuous events can only be harbingers for new warriors coming to Mortal Kombat X! Scenes featured in a trailer leaked ahead of The Game Awards announcement [full story].

The Game Awards is expected to officially unveil a trailer for Kombat Pack 2 -- a four-character DLC selection coming in 2016! The video clip has leaked early through unofficial sources. Find out how to watch The Game Awards live here.

New playable warriors will include an eclectic array of concepts: drunken master Bo' Rai Cho; Tri-Borg: a hybrid Lin Kuei cyber-assassin comprised of Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke; a Tarkatan infused Xenomorph; and horror movie icon Leatherface.

Per a previous announcement, we already know Kombat Pack 2 will also bring a fresh crop of character skins [read more], and a new arena [read more]. It remains unclear if introductory scenes in the trailer are strictly for promotion, or if new characters will arrive with more than the standard intro and arcade ending.

The announcement of more characters already makes this the largest post-release downloadable content scheme from any NetherRealm Studios title. With the sequel echoing the first MKX Kombat Pack in its divided offerings -- 2 film crossovers, an appropriated fan concept, and an obscure MK classic -- the potential for more content in the future remains very available.

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