It's a sight some fans thought they'd never see: Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 are officially coming to the PC platform!

Diehard kombat fans will want to mark their calendars for death on October 4th! That's when Mortal Kombat XL will go live to online retailers!

The new and improved PC port has been handled by QLOC: A Polish developer specializing in porting games to Windows. Among the games they've previously ushered to the PC: Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken!

Some fans will have already participated in beta testing for the newly upgraded PC port, which resumes once abandoned balance patch support, and incorporates the improved only play supplied by GGPO rollback method added to console versions.

Kombat Pack 2 and MKXL also introduce four new playable characters to the main roster: Bo' Rai Cho & Tri-Borg, with guest characters Alien & Leatherface.

Kombat Pack 2 will become available the same day, allowing fans who already have the base game to upgrade. A Steam listing is available, but does not yet list a final price. The original Kombat Pack is currently $9.99. Mortal Kombat XL retails for consoles at $49.99, but does not yet have a PC price set.

There's currently no mention of The Pit arena introduced free to MKXL and Kombat Pack 2 for consoles. There's also no word on additional content for the belated release

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