Ed Boon started a countdown to October 2nd - delivering us to the moment he appeared on screen at a live Russian PlayStation Press Conference to introduce the newest returning kombatant: Quan Chi!:

This time Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick returns to our screens to narrate the Mortal Komabt X character trailer! Following the format of previous Raiden and Kano reveals - the trailer showcases Quan Chi's Character Variations: Sorcerer, Warlock & Summoner.

We also get another drip from the story fountain, learning Quan Chi will play a major role in the plot as it continues on from the events of Mortal Kombat (2011)! As was the predicament at the end of the last game's story, it seems necromancer Quan Chi will be in control of an army of fallen warriors! Will this play into a version of Shinnok's plans for invasion, or could the sorcerer summon his own aspirations?

"Quan Chi is a master manipulator, and in MKX his schemes are fully realized. Using his necromancer powers, Quan Chi has built an army of revenants from the fallen Earthrealm warriors - twisting their minds to fight on his behalf!"

In the trailer, Quan Chi is pitted against fellow villain Kano - but it seems their own goals may create a conflict over the course of the story mode. In kombat, Quan Chi wields an updated arsenal of attacks that take advantage of his unique sorcerer's skills. Portals allow the necromancer to reposition his opponent, attack at range, and even summon a Netherrealm demon to join him on the battlefield! His zombie possession 'shuffle over here' is back, plus a huge array of exciting new moves - including an X-Ray that introduces new bones for the purposes of breaking others! Crunch! Plus a slow burn, sadistic fatality that captures the evil of Quan Chi's intent!

After a decade in the stripped down design he received in 2002's Deadly Alliance - the sorcerer has new clothes, too! A strapped tunic with spikey collar brings back references to the armor he wore in his original appearances (MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, Mortal Kombat 4), but gives it a punked up edge that feels fresh and fitting for the dark Mortal Kombat X future!

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