It was a big double reveal last week as Mortal Kombat X welcomed back two klassic kombatants! Not to be overshadowed by a subsequent spotlight - Reptile returned in an exciting gameplay reveal trailer. Take a closer look at the Reptile's new skin:

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Many returning characters have seen klassic influences embedded within their designs, but the through line from Reptile's last appearance, to now, is one of its most surprising qualities.

The new design addresses some of the weaker elements of the 2011 look. A heftier, armored face mask eliminates the store bought quality of the 2011 cowl and mask combo - even while retaining the (literal) connection. between each headpiece Though still connected, their shape is much less round than the previous incarnation, taking away the slightly comic, cutesy nature of the last design.

Reptile's chin can clearly be seen protruding from the bottom of the new metallic mask. It hinges horizontally to allow for an acid spew without the fuss of exposing his face. It's an interesting idea that almost reminds us of the strange, muzzle-like adaptation of ninja masks use in Mortal Kombat 4.

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