As The Kombat Pack makes preparations to unleash its first downloadable guest fighter [Jason] -- many fans are asking questions about the non-playable characters already included in Mortal Kombat X.

Several series favourites appear in cameo & playable forms during the featured story mode, dangling completely rendered character models in front of a rabid fanbase. Fighters such as Rain, Baraka & Tanya can be battled in the mode, possessing simplified move lists devoid of the Character Variations that make Mortal Kombat X stand apart.

PC versions of Mortal Kombat X have opened the game up to greater scrutiny than ever before. Eurogamer reports one modder's efforts to make NPCs playable with a very simple alteration to existing fighter code. XVermillion explained his method on Reddit [below].

There are other files you can change to get stuff like Rain's name under the health Bar but the only files I modded are in the "Assets" folder I believe; there should be 2 associated with Rain ( and another one I can't remember but you can just search the folder for Rain).

Anyway, I backed up the files for Shinnok (the character I'm replacing) and renamed Rain's files to match those associated with Shinnok's 1st costume slot ( and one other, the one that matches Rain's other one) and moved 'em to the folder and overwrote Shinnok's old files with the newly renamed Rain files.

What you see is just me playing in training mode with what the game thinks is Shinnok but is using Rain's model and moveset.

The accessibility of content and compatibility modes has led some fans and outlets to accuse the developers of creating a false premise of paid extra content - "on-disc DLC". A claim denied by Creative Director Ed Boon, who shared a sneak peak at DLC production, begun after the game had gone to press.

In an aggressive rebuttal, Boon tweeted to one claim, "Complete BS. We are literally working on DLC now. Next time do your homework Gaming Bolt." The story has since been updated to include an apology for the assumption.

When quizzed by a fan, Boon did acknowledge the potential adaptation of the characters into fully playable fighters, teasing a "Story Pack". Compatibility Pack v1.02 has already included a free Klassic Sub-Zero skin, as well as online compatibility for Kombat Pack Horror DLC.

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