10/18/2004 09:00 PM (UTC)
My Wish List for MK7:

1. A better Konquest! The one on MK: D is boring. I actually perfered the one on MK:DA at least you learned a little something about the characters or the history of the fighting styles. If possible have more RPG elements.

2. New or no side games. Why bring back chess kombat if you can just play it on MK:D?

3. A return of the original characters. Bring back Sonya and Johnny along with Raiden, Sub-Zero and Scorpion. As much as I hate him also bring back Kano, I wonder what he would do if he found out his old 'friend' Kabal was rebuilding and leading his old gang.

4. Other characters I would like to see: Fujin, Sheeva (or some new Shokan), another member of the Lin Kuei, a new vampire, a new fighter from Earthrealm (or a seriously revamped Stryker), and maybe a return of Shao Kahn as a playable character (hopefully with a revamped look).

5. Quality over quatity in regards to characters.

6. Either movie endings and/or if possible a movie storyline for each character. (the second could be in a collectors edition only)

Note: This list may change over time.
10/19/2004 09:32 PM (UTC)
1. Completely revamped gameplay

2. Completely revamped returning characters (like Frost, Kai, Stryker, Sektor, ect.)

3. Tag team mode (complete with tag team throws, tag team special moves and, of course, tag team fatalitys)

4. A story with plenty of unexpected twists.

5. Downloadable content (like costumes, arenas, characters and ,hopefully, fatalitys)

6. Super-duper-secret characters

7. old-school costumes for every character
A much better fight engine #1

Faster recovery after attacks, the recovery time in MKD is way too slow.

I want more jump kick style juggles like in the old MK games, or MK4

A more diverse arsenal for the styles.

blend any number of styles in to 1 hybrid hand to hand style and have 1 weapon style.

Take lot's of ideas from kung fu movie fights and try to make the game play resemble that a little more.

Have throws change animation when close to a wall, like in DOA3.
Normally you might do a body slam, but if close to the wall, you will slam your opponent's face in to the wall...stuff like that.

Off wall attacks

Have some stage specific interactions, like if your in the living forest and you fall down, you can grab dirt from the floor and throw it at your opponent's eyes.

If there is a pole, you can swing around it like mentioned above.

There might be a stage like in the MK1 movie when Scorpion fights Jonny Cage. If the opponent is under one of those platforms, you can kick one of the posts holding it up and have the entire platform fall and crush them.

It would be like a different version of a death trap.

Have a little more style when attacking like if you do a round house on counter hit, you might do a couple hops afterward like an extra show off animation.

Similar to what Jan lee does in DOA3.

Have more style specific and over the top defense animations. For example, to block a sweep if you hold blk + different D. pad directions, you would do different animations.

ub+blk = you would do a back flip
db+blk = low block you might take a step back, or block with your foot....
d+blk = tumble to side.
u+blk = no hands cart wheel to side.
df+blk = low parry or hard block = stops combos and strong attacks.
uf+blk = do a flip over the opponent.

Special moves should be movie style. Like Rayden's lightning would look like a real lightning bolt. I haven't unlocked Rayden in MKD yet, but I'm guessing he still has the regular ball of light from MKDA.

I want fighters to have a lot of ways to use their special moves. Not just 3 -4 moves, but I'm talking like 10+

Like if their special moves where a style like a hand to hand style.

The special attacks should be more creative also. Not just the typical ball of light. I want to see something like Shang Tsung's fire snake from the MKD intro movie.

I'd like special moves to be part of combos like in MK4, street fighter and KI2

Just involve their powers more in to the full martial art, not have it so much as extra moves.

Basically I want the fighting to be as over the top as everything else in MK, but have it done in a smart way, not just add stuff without thinking like the breaker in MKD.

Fighters I want back are:-----------------------------------------------------------


Kai = but give him better tracking on his fireballs. Or give us the ability to control it like Kung laos hat in MK2. He could use his power more like Pyro from X=men.

Older shang tsung, not super old but have him look like a Chinese master with the long graying hair and robes. Have him look sort of like a medieval sorcerer but Chinese style. Like in MK1, but have him be able to do punches and kicks and have him fight a lot more with projectiles.

He could be a sub boss, and he could fight in a stage full of the dragon kings soldiers or something and have him suck a few of their souls every so often. It would give him more life during a fight.

Liu kang

Kung Lao

Jax have a alt with his MK2 look = normal arms and the wave projectile.

Motaro or another centaur = can be a black centaur with medieval armor.

Sub zero

Scorpion = I'd like scorpion to use his spear like a rope dart. Swing it around, throw the spear over his back, do flips while swinging it.

It might look kool to if his spear was like a tentacle, sort of like in the MK1 movie, but at the tip it just has a spike, not a head with a mouth that opens.

So it would be a lot more stylish if you would see him put his arm one direction, then have the tentacle come out and turn in the air and come around a different angle.

then he would do more stuff like Venom's web slam in MVSC2.

Or he could knock the opponent down with a spear whip, then he does a stylish hand animation and throws the spear down behind him, it comes up over his back and picks the opponent off the ground, then Scorpion catches the opponent in the air with another spear from his other hand and slams them 2 or 3 times like Venom does in MVSC2.

He might be able to throw the spear from both hands at the same time for some special attacks.

If he throws the spear and it misses, it will recoil back in to his arm like in the MK1 movie. His spear would have limited range, like a 2-3 jump distance.

Kenshi = I think they should do more with his invisible punches and kicks, I think that's a kool direction for him to develop in. Like Ermac would do a normal lift, but kenshi's would act more like a pop up hit. It would help to separate him even more from Ermac.

Ermac = He could make use of astral projection = make a ghost duplicate of him self that could be used as a replace ment for his Telepunch, or cooler looking fireball type attacks.

Rain = he would be able to use the moisture from the air or the blood on the ground as a projectile. He would also control wind and electricity but not as much as Rayden or Fujin.

That's just some of the stuff I'd like to have for MK7.

10/20/2004 01:10 AM (UTC)
1. Better fighting system. It's such a pain in the ass that the controls tend to lock up after certain moves, and either more breakers or get rid of the altogether.

2. Weed out the following MKD charecters:
-Ashra (not a bad charecter, but somewhat useless)

3. Improve upon the following MKD charecters:
-Hotaru (great charecter design and story, horrible moveset)
-Kira (a bit one dimensional but has potential no the less)
-Dairou (need a better story)

4. New creative team. A lot of us are sick of the same old recycled Fatalities, and the old ones we do love never seem to come back. And of the new ones, only a handful were entertaining. Aslo use some common sense : Scorpion is a ninja, so let him perform Sepuko. I was expecting him to kneel down and gracefully plunge his sword in his stomach. Instead he snaps his own neck.

5. NO MORE FILLER CHARECTERS! Sorry for the caps but it was necessary. We all know what I'm talking about. If they don't want to put in Johnny Cage that's fine, but don't put in Kobra to simply be a Cage clone with Jin Kazama's clothes.

6. I don't mind returning charecters that should be dead, but do it in a way that makes sense for the story, not because you needed one more charecter and just picked a name out of a hat.

7. Secrects/Easter eggs are cool, but next time can we not be so f'n vague?

8. A little work on the color schemes. Anyone else notice that Midway over uses dark colors for environments yet the charecters all seem overly colorful? And they use the same colors over and over and over.

9. See #1

10. See #' 1 and 9wink
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