Updates to the Mortal Kombat X: Premium Edition bundle on Xbox Marketplace have revealed artwork for the first wave of downloadable content skins - the Samurai Pack!

The bundle exclusive pack includes Jingu Kitana, Samurai Shinnok & Ronin Kenshi. The designs draw inspiration from traditions of imperial samurai, reimagining each playable character in the style. Click the artwork above to enlarge the samurai.

Kenshi joined the playable cast in a Mobile reveal, later confirmed by a Senior Producer at GDC [full story]. Shinnok screenshots recently surfaced in conjunction with the Achievements List [thumbnails below].

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Mortal Kombat X officially arrives April 14th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC. Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 ported versions are expected in Summer. Register to discuss the ins and outs of the game in the Mortal Kombat X forum.