The NetherKast is an kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase! The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat, new and old. The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube:

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00:02:15 - Mortal Kombat
00:03:33 - Ermac/EGM April Fool
00:08:41 - Nimbus Terrafaux
00:12:31 - Mortal Kombat II
00:37:41 - Hydro (3rd Party)
00:41:01 - Mortal Kombat 3
00:58:45 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy
01:04:00 - Tremor
01:12:40 - Mortal Kombat 4
01:21:42 - Aqua (A. Hydroxybot)
01:27:24 - MK: Deadly Alliance
01:46:16 - MK: Deception
01:48:10 - MK: Shaolin Monks
02:15:25 - Mortal Kombat (2011)
02:28:11 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Mileena
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The NetherKast is hosted by MKO User blackcyborg with regular co-hosts: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo.

In the fourth episode, current events are on hold for an expanded overview of Mortal Kombat's long and storied history with secret and unlockable content! The krew share their perspective on the past, delving into secrets, rumors and magazine fodder.

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