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RE: Demo Impressions?
04/05/2011 06:53 PM EDT
Okay, I've been playing the demo on nothing but 'expert' for a while now just to see what kind of challenges it will pose. The gameplay is much more fluid than some of titles in recent history. It's not entirely perfected yet, but the MK team has made vast improvements on that end.

A lot of people tend to dislike the way the 'X-bar' is set up, but I rather like it. The x-ray move is designed to be a 'come back' tool as far as I can tell. The only thing I'm not very big on is that it takes two bars for a breaker, that is expensive for a simple breaker when you think about the fact that it's costing you an x-ray. But that's nit-picking.

I have to agree with a lot of what I've seen as far as character favorites, Johnny Cage is easily the fastest, most well-rounded player in the demo. He quick, has a lot more jabs, and you can make some crazy combos with him. The x-ray can be a bit tricky IF you're not used to playing him, but if you are fast enough you can block an attack with his x-ray instead of trying to wait for an attack- this pretty much guarantees the move lands.

Although Johnny is the fastest and most well-rounded, Scorpion is my favorite to play as. His combos can become insane if you can juggle well and have some really kick ass timing. I like that fact that Scorpion has special moves that hit high, low and from behind, this throws people off easily. Scorpion's x-ray is set up perfectly for a surprise attack, and if they're speared... it's pretty much a gimme too.

I'm still working on Mileena's combos, but there is a lot of potential there for some tricky special move combos that do some good damage. I do think she could have more jabs, but she makes up for that in those really awesome upgraded special moves everyone's talking about. Yeah, I thought she'd be a bit faster too, but all in all she's still good on my book.

Sub-Zero has always been, in recent years, one of my favorites because of the combos he's had, but he does lack a lot in the sense that you can't build large combos with him as easily here. Now someone made mention that he has some smaller combos that do a lot of damage, and I've gone flawless on 'expert' many times already just off of spamming those few combos, but he's slower than the rest of the fighters and I agree that it seems his x-ray doesn't always seem to land it's mark (I've noticed you can't do it right on top of your opponent, you have to be at least in 'sweep' range in not a little farther)

So, my personal favorite and choice to whoop ass with is furious SCORPION! Can't wait to see the rest of the game, this is definitely a lot of fun and an improvement from the last decade or so of titles, I love everything from Deadly Alliance on, but I always felt they could have been a lot better, now it is a lot better...
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RE: Demo Impressions?
04/06/2011 07:12 PM EDT
My favorite charactor is scorpion so of course in the demo i play as him. im getting better streeming combos together the problem i have is better using teleport im working on it im gonna bring my A game to fight club for sure JC is my second fave of the demo and i agree with peoples assessment of him. Mileena is hard to get use to but thats ok i wont be using her much sub zero is great but slow for me
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