Earthrealm merging with Outworld has always been a threat we've fought to prevent, but Mortal Kombat 11 is about to bridge worlds in the best possible way! The Krossplay Beta is now available to online players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Read on for more details:

As long as there have been video game consoles, there's been rivalry between platforms. Cross-platform online gaming between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One means console loyalty won't cost you friends -- it'll make you more!

You can encounter players from the opposite console by activating the Krossplay Beta toggle in your Online options [pictured above]. This will allow you to enter dedicated Krossplay Online Rooms, and encounter players on both consoles during Online Kasual matchmaking. Krossplay online players will be indicated with a crossed arrows icon.

This feature won't allow you to transfer profiles or gamedata between consoles, but if it develops into a full fledged cross-platform mode -- you won't need to! So what are you waiting for? Coordinate with potential Krossplay opponents and share your experiences in the comments below!