Obviously this guy doesnt know shit about MK
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RE: Obviously this guy doesnt know shit about MK
03/20/2011 07:27 PM EDT
This guy is kind of dumb. He says that building meter is so bad because you build it by taking damage. Kind of like the Ultra Meter, dumb ass. This meter gives the shitty guy a chance to make a comeback. Which is a good thing. I do agree that basic combos should build meter. The smallest amount possible, but still some meter.

He also says he doesn't know the point of throws. Has he ever played a fighting game. Throws are mainly for turtling opponents. I think that's been pretty obvious considering they don't do much damage and they only work on blockers crouched or standing.

He also complains about projectiles being easy to duck. That has always been in MK and generally it has worked. It makes it so there aren't as many projectile keep away fights.
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