Europe braced for impact last weekend as the Mortal Kombat 11: Pro Kompetition arrived in Austria for the third leg of the Premier tour. Viennality delivered a fresh mix of traveling and local talent as the competition heated up ahead of next month's Evolution major!

Watch: Day 1 | Top 8 | Grand Final

Pistol shots rang out in the Austrian capital on Sunday, July 7th as Erron Black came back to the forefront of competitive play! With the crowd behind him Hayatei took full advantage of a clean record, surviving an exciting mirror match that hinged on the final round to decide the win 3-2!

Tekken Master surprised his opponent with the first game of the Grand Final, unleashing an aggressive Kung Lao! After a punishing first round, the second was narrowly saved with a Fatal Blow, leading Hayatei to take a nailbiting Third with luck, as much as skill. Tekken Master was able to even the score quickly in the second game, but dropped the third, leading the unorthodox strategist to switch to the gunslinging mirror match. It paid off, pushing him into a 2-2 reset fighting out of the Second Chance bracket. Like a showdown at high noon, it was all or nothing as Hayatei fended off the reset with a sudden death Fatal Blow to claim the championship!

Though the $15,000 title purse went to Hayatei, there were reasons to celebrate from second and third runners-up A F0xy Grampa and DizzyTT, too. The Brit reprised his role from CEO 2019 as third on the podium, earning enough points to be right on the heels of absent series leader SonicFox! DizzyTT's consistent appearances were bolstered with his best result on the tour to date, boosting him into the Top 10! Scroll down for the updated Pro Kompetition standings!

Viennality Top 16 Finalists & Points Scorers:
#1 Hayatei (Erron Black)
#2 Tekken Master (Sonya Blade, Geras, Erron Black, Kung Lao)
#3 A F0xy Grampa (Kung Lao)
#4 DizzyTT (Sonya Blade)
#5 Boki (Kung Lao)
#5 Asodimazze (Cetrion)
#7 Yammini (Johnny Cage)
#7 Shark Teeth (Scorpion, Cassie Cage, Erron Black)
#9 Biohazard (Kano, Jax, Jade, Kung Lao)
#9 N1k0lasss (Johnny Cage)
#9 HoneyBee (Noob Saibot, D'Vorah)
#9 HappyPow (Jacqui Briggs, Johnny Cage)
#13 WhiteBl4ck (Jacqui Briggs, Liu Kang)
#13 Flet (Sub-Zero)
#13 Omie (Sub-Zero)
#13 MakoraN (Skarlet)
#17 dubasik
#17 Daloul
#17 Qwark28
#17 Ladno
#17 Youphemism
#17 RZA
#25 X-Azeez
#25 Baylight
#25 s19rm
#25 7horx
#25 LastMinute
#25 Semensatch
#25 InfamousSloth
#25 Riful of the West

Pro Kompetition: Top 16 Series Rankings:
#1 SonicFox (690pts)
#2 A F0xy Grampa (600pts)
#3 Dragon (465pts)
#4 Hayatei (390pts)
#5 Scar (370pts)
#5 Tweedy (370pts)
#7 Kombat (285pts)
#8 Tekken Master (280pts)
#9 DizzyTT (260pts)
#10 NinjaKilla_212 (250pts)
#11 Semiij (205pts)
#12 Boki (140pts)
#12 Asodimazze (140pts)
#14 Grr (115pts)
#15 Deoxys (110pts)
#16 KevoxReborn (90pts)

The action kicks up a gear next month when 600pts are on offer for the 2016 Evo World Championship! The Las Vegas major hosts the Pro Kompetition at the later date of August 2nd-4th! Follow links to learn more about the Pro Kompetition and 2019 Evo Lineup. Tell us which player and character you expect to take the crown in the comments below and join the tournament discussion on the Gameplay & Matchmaking and Mortal Kombat 11 forums!