Midway has posted a new bio from MK: Armageddon today! The elusive and mysterious character Rain has some light shed on his history and future. Mysteries revealed include the truth of the realm of Edenia's inhabitants, Rain's alliance with Quan Chi and his role in the future of his homelands. However, this bio is notably shorter than the previous offerings from the MK team's writing staff. Much of Rain's history, especially between his appearance in MK: Trilogy and present day, are left to speculation:

The Edenian race is descended from the gods. That is the reason for our longevity, our nobility, and our strength. But I am more than a distant relation to the deities of old. I am a direct descendant of Argus himself. Only recently have I discovered my royal heritage. Quan Chi, an emissary of Shinnok, revealed to me that I am entitled to great power — and control of Edenia. My father hid my identity for fear it would complicate his plans for succession. He favored his sons Daegon and Taven and groomed them to one day replace him as Protector of Edenia. But he foolishly tied this plan to a quest to save the realms from Armageddon, leaving open an opportunity for me to seize the power that is rightfully mine. Though it seems the Forces of Light seek to steal the prize from me, Quan Chi has made plans to assure my victory. He and his allies will help fend off the Forces of Light as I make my way to Blaze. But before this final battle, I must ensure that Taven and Daegon cannot challenge my ascension. I will finish them both before they complete their quest.

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