Pop Culture Shock Collectibles continue to set the standard in high-end merchandise based on some of the worlds most popular fighting video game series. The statue makers have a new addition to their Mortal Kombat Klassic 1:4 scale line-up and Mortal Kombat Online has the exclusive first look!

Human Smoke continues the retro series inspired by Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3! The line offers fans of the 1995 arcade classic a rare opportunity to own high-end, 1:4 scale statues based on the iconic palette swap fighters.

Going that extra mile, Pop Culture Shock ensure each kombatant has his own nuanced point of difference! Taking inspiration from the games; Smoke features a classic fighting stance and interchangeable smokey arms [enlarge thumbnails below].

Limited to just 175 pieces; the 19" statue will be available exclusively for direct online order beginning June 10! At a highly limited number, fans of the Lin Kuei assassin will be looking at a price of $335.00 to secure the collectible.

The Mortal Kombat Klassic series also features statues based on Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Reptile. A limited edition "skull face" Scorpion proved popular, selling out pre-order quantities in mere days [full story].

Other products in the Pop Culture Shock catalogue include life-size busts of contemporary versions of Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Other 1:4 scale statues include current incarnations of Shao Kahn, Kitana & Scorpion!

For complete product and order details, visit Pop Culture Shock Toys on the web, and follow on Facebook! Mortal Kombat Online will have more from PCS soon! Discuss the entire line in the Media & Merchandise forum!