IGN have the first look at the next instalment of DC Comics' digital series Mortal Kombat X! Chapter 4 officially hit digital platforms yesterday (Sunday), kicking off the next sequence of three that make up Issue #2 [solicitation]!

The preview picks up right where Chapter 3 left off, with Raiden & Fujin dabbling in dangerous blood magiks that tie into the curse of the Kamidogu!

Chapter 4 is especially notable for giving us the first look at Cassie Cage in action, opposite a new character with family ties to a certain mechanically enhanced special forces soldier! Series writer Shawn Kittelsen talked to IGN about the next chapter's shift in focus to a new cast of feature characters, telling them, "Cassie represents so much of what MKX is about: She's a next generation fighter, influenced by fighters who came before her, but determined to forge her own path."

"Readers also get to meet Kotal Kahn, who's like Khal Drogo by way of the Maya. We'll find out what's been happening in Outworld and start to figure out what makes the new Emperor tick. He looks like a mindless barbarian, and he can be, but he's nobody's fool. Unlike say, Shao Kahn, Kotal is more interested in being a leader than a conqueror."

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