After receiving extensive feedback, Syco Collectibles have continued refining the sculpt for their upcoming 14" Motaro statue, basing new details specifically on the input of fans.

The statue, last previewed in preliminary stages, has undergone some radical changes in the interim. Most notably, in keeping with previous incarnations of the character, the statue has shed a digit, to have the four fingers depicted in the games. The centaur's scowl now comes with more distinct facial features, possessing a much more pronounced jaw and teeth, with a more aggressive expression than previous previews.

Provided is a first-look gallery of images showing off the new mould, now complete with tail. It should be assumed that the final sculpt is subject to change, as has been the case for other statues in the line. Syco have announced delays to the shipment of 18" Rain premium statues, citing more fan feedback as the impetus for further revision [read on].

Motaro was chosen by Mortal Kombat Online and will be offered with an exclusive pre-order priority of purchase to MKO users, when available. As with the majority of the Syco range, it will be sold with a 20% discount link when applicable.

At 14", the completed Motaro will stand to scale with the rest of the standard 10" line. Skarlet was recently revealed in a similar preview, joining a second run Scorpion with "enhanced" gold paint, and various statues, including Liu Kang and Jade.

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