Previously featured in reveals and previews; Ermac and Jade have undergone some updated transformations in latest promotional pictures from Syco Collectibles.

Ermac approaches completion as the expected May release draws nearer, possessing bonus interchangable "soul hands" and glow-in-the-dark paint finish, where appropriate.

The statue recreates the most recent design for the cult-favourite character, who began life as little more than a falsely rumored palette swap, as discussed in our April Fool lookback article [full story]. Part of the 18" Premium Statue line-up from Syco, Ermac is still available for 20% discounted online pre-order.

Jade and Mileena are also on track for shipment from Hong Kong, expected to board a Nethership to you, April 21. The 10" polystone Jade has reportedly received a darker finish, by popular request, and boasts real metallic chains and a coloured clear resin staff [lighter than pictured]!

Syco Collectibles are also reissuing their iconic 10" Scorpion for a second limited run, this time with enhanced gold paint. Discount links are now live for Scorpion, along with Mileena and Jade.

Noob Saibot and Johnny Cage are in the pipeline, recently previewed at the development stage [full story]. Mortal Kombat Online also expects to bring more first-look details of the statue chosen by our users, Motaro, in the coming months! At 14", Motaro is to scale with the 10" line and receiving some alterations based on feedback to the original first-look.

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