Anticipation for the next game from NetherRealm Studios has already been high, but it's about to reach fever pitch as we scramble for clues in the race to this year's E3!

Always on hand to add fuel to the fire: Creative Director Ed Boon has begun what appears to be a thinly veiled countdown that hits zero on June 2nd! This puts the mystery a week ahead of the June 10-12 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Update(s): 27, 26, 25, 24/24, 23/23, [22], 21, 20, 19. [3122], 11, 9, 8?, 7, 6/6, 5, 4/4?/4, 3. [Follow along on the forums.]

An announcement would certainly fit current Warner Brothers/NetherRealm modus operandi. Mortal Kombat [original story] and Injustice: Gods Among Us [original story] both received launch trailers 5 days before E3. The question remains: What game will we see when the countdown ends?

Kiefer Sutherland and Karen Strassman have both claimed Mortal Kombat working credits: the latter referring to "Mortal Kombat 2" in her résumé.

Ed Boon again prompted rumors when he discussed a Mortal Kombat II: Director's Cut HD remake at GDC. [Related Article: Cancelled Mortal Kombat HD Behind-the-Scenes Photos] Then there are those lingering claims an Injustice sequel was announced during a DC All Access panel at Wondercon [full story].

What ever's coming - it seems the answers will be here in June! Register to follow the countdown and share your theories on the forums!