Mortal Kombat X is in far Moscow for Igromir 2014! The "gaming world" expo is where PlayStation unveiled the latest returning character in a live press conference trailer [full story]. Quan Chi is back and he's got a bad ass new look you can examine in detail in the official character render:

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It's the first major revamp for Quan Chi since 2002's Deadly Alliance stripped the armored sorcerer down to his pasty, tattooed skin. Those markings signified key story developments for the character - and this new look in Mortal Kombat X already has us speculating along similar lines!

His skull laden boots check off one of six mystery characters - but the deathly motif continues onto his torso in a way that seems more than mere aesthetics! There's clearly a real skull strapped into his gear! This poses questions about whose skull it is and why he's keeping it so close to the chest!

Could this be an occult ritual designed to enhance Quan Chi's powers with those of another? Is it something to do with the deceased Shao Kahn or the Emperor's skull-faced helmet? Is it the remains of Quan Chi's infernal master Shinnok, signifying his ultimate betrayal? Could those covered eyes suggest Delia - the seer wife of Argus who once foresaw Armageddon? With The Dragon King's amulet nowhere in sight - could this be the remains of Onaga himself? It glows in the Warlock variation - and is joined by two skeletal hands, bound to Quan Chi's back.

What ever the reason for Quan Chi's choice of attire - Mortal Kombat Online is brimming with enthusiasm for the new look! The bladed collar and its subtle references to his original design are a welcome change. We like the through line of the visible tattoos and weedy villain beneath, toning down the bulkiness of his original armor.

Straps and buckles are emerging as the fashion fad of MKX, but they look appropriate on Quan Chi - particularly when lit to contrast against his alabaster skin! He looks particularly fantastic on the character select screen (seen in the new trailer), where the blacks and whites are really sharp! Character Variation colors and special move effects round it all out very well!

Quan Chi as he appears in Mortal Kombat 4.

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