As promised, IGN have delivered the next big character reveal for Mortal Kombat X. Series stalwart Ed Boon clued fans to look to la luna. Somebody must've done an uppercut fatality - because it's Reptile!

The original secret character is back in force, looking just a little more rugged than his last appearance in Mortal Kombat (2011). Likewise, many of the old favourite moves are back, with some interesting new embellishments like a tongue held tree of woe!

No new information about the circumstances of either character, or the world around them, but it does seem as if Kung Lao has developed a sense of humor during his time among the dead. Assuming that is where he's been since having his head adjusted.

Earlier this month, an Australian retail chain included Reptile in promo banners for the game [full story]. If the trend continues when NetherRealm Studios reveal the next character via livestream later this week, we might expect Shang Tsung or Mileena via Gamestop [full story].

Mortal Kombat X arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC on April 14. Register to join the mounting hype on the forum!