Survival Saturday

Saturdays at 9PM EST

Hosted by SurvivedKombatants


Fight to the death to become the Ultimate Survivor! Kombat is the key to survival.

Currently in Season 13 on Playstation (MK11)

Realm Kast

Monthly Thursdays at 4PM CST

Hosted by FANTiM and Yani

EarthRealm's Ultimate Mortal Kombat PodKast brings you well-known and/or significant members of the Mortal Kombat community to discuss a variety of MK specific topics such as but not exclusive to the lore, tournaments, and the overall direction of the series!

Soul Stream

Hosted by FANTiM and Yani

The Realm Kast now brings you the Soul Stream, a live interactive experience where FANTiM and Yani catch up on all the latest MK news and delve into specific topics alongside occasional guests and the viewers can chat with the hosts and guests in real time and have an impact on the discussion!

Fan Fight Friday

6-8 PM EDT

Hosted by SurvivedKombatants

Kommentator for Next Episode: Raging Venom

Play in this underground Fight Klub style regular KOTH show where you prove to be the best using your fighting styles!

Currently in Season 1 on Playstation (MKX)

Mortal Monday

Mondays from 6-8 PM EDT

Hosted by SurvivedKombatants

GAME BEING PLAYED THIS WEEK: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance