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MK: 2011 Game of the Year Edition? Arcade Kollection Patch & more!
MK: 2011 now available on Games On Demand - Xbox Live!

Massive network website, Examiner has recently reported that a Mortal Kombat: Game of the Year Edition has been listed by retail giant Amazon on their France website.

Whilst details are scarce of it's contents, it could be speculated that it will be packaged with all the released DLC including Freddy KruegerSkarletKenshiRain and the additional character skins which were released as compatibility packs. The alledged GOTY Edition is currently listed for release on  February 28th 2012 for European territories and carries a price tag of €39.99 Euros (Approximately $53.49 US Dollars) available on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Update:  Amazon France has since removed this title from their database, potentially sparking the possiblity that this GOTY Edition is real and that they have leaked it's presence early similar to what happened with the Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection. We will have more details on this exciting prospect once and if they become available.

Meanwhile, Netherrealm Studios Creative Director, Ed Boon has recently been tweeting about the long-awaited upcoming patch for the digitallly released  Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection. Whilst not confirming a concrete date for the patches release or specifics of it's contents. Below are the tweets taken directly from Ed Boon's Twitter Account.

"RT @colephelps247 So can we expect a MKAK patch this week? Noobde: No sorry. Latest I've heard is around Dec 6. I will dig around some more."

"RT @colephelps247 @noobde What happened to tanksgiving day release, why dec 6th? Noobde: Testing, submitting & approvals is a LONG process."

For those who are transitioning into the realm of digitally released video games, Mortal Kombat 2011 was released on Xbox Live's Games On Demand service. Weighing in as a 6.78GB download, it carries a price tag of $59.99 US Dollars and also comes with a Kombat Pass enabling you to play the game online. For the full details surrounding it's release on Games On Demand check out the games page at Mortal Kombat - Xbox Marketplace.

Mortal Kombat Vitality Confirmed!

Mortal Kombat Vitality was confirmed by Sony at their PS VITA Showcase Event which was held yesterday, in London.

During the course of the event, Sony revealed various game titles that will be available for launch as well as the game titles that are currently in development. Mortal Kombat is in the list and the "Vitality" logo was revealed as part of a presentation slide. It has also been announced that the PS Vita launch date will be February 22, 2012 for PAL territories.

It is still unknown what kind of game "Vitality" will be, for the game was not playable during the event and it has not been officially announced by Warner Bros. Details remain minimal and for now we can only make guesses as to what it could be.

Meanwhile, Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat, has been quite active on his Twitter commenting with teasers or clues regarding future announcements and surprises that are very likely to be related to Mortal Kombat. From his twitter:

noobde: Let me rephrase that: Unexpected surprise from NetherRealm Studios coming.......?

@DanielQuan97 @noobde What's the surprise? Is about the movie, DLC's? Noobde: Actually we have 3 surprises (of varying degrees) brewing.

@_Karried_ @noobde ARe any of the future surprised relating to MK9 or MK at all? Noobde: Yup!

@noobde @danielquan97 can you confirm that there is no more #dlc for #mk9? Noobde: Yes. That I can confirm.

@MKBATZERO1 @noobde I hope you make MK vs DC 2 the same style as MK9 Please Mr Ed Boon. Noobde: We aren't working on MKvsDC 2.

@MrWristShot @noobde mortal kombat 10 is the suprise Noobde: Nope.

@DQueBeats @noobde is the suprise MK9 related? thats all i need to know Noobde: No sir.

@PdogGray @noobde Super Mortal Kombat 9 Turbo Limited Special Edition? Noobde: With all the DLC + a few new characters?!?!? No. :|

To read more of his responses and comments, go check out his Twitter.

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Mortal Kombat Nominated for SpikeTVs Videogame Awards!

Get ready to cast your votes for Mortal Kombat and Freddy Krueger at this year's SpikeTV VGA!

The newest installment of the series has scored another round of nominations in the form of Best Fighting Game and Best DLC.

The successful video game has already won Best Fighting Game of the Year during the Golden Joystick Awards and it has sold over 3 million copies worldwide making it the No.1 highest-selling fighting game of 2011.

As a thank you to the fans, the MK's Official Facebook page has revealed Shang Tsung's full render! Check him out:

Congratulations to NetherRealm Studios for their exciting achievements and their success. Head over to SpikeTV and vote for your favorites. Be sure to catch the results when the award show airs on Saturday December 10th at 8p ET / 5p PT, only on SpikeTV.

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Mortal Kombat: Legacy Now Available on Blu-Ray!

Today marked the release of Mortal Kombat: Legacy on Blu-Ray! Directed by Kevin Tancharoen, the digital series saw success on YouTube earlier this year, with over 60 million views collectively. The success of this project has lead to New Line Cinema giving Tancharoen the green-light to begin production on a new Mortal Kombat film, set to be released in 2013. [Full story]

Included are all 9 episodes of the web series, which cover the different origin stories of several popular Mortal Kombat characters including Jax (Michael Jai White), Sonya (Jeri Ryan) and Johnny Cage (Matt Mullins). The series features Tancharoen's own unique spin on the MK universe, with some of the episodes harkening back to the original Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short from 2010. [More on Rebirth]


"Tear into the origins of the legendary tournament that pits the world's greatest warriors against the forces of Outworld in the fight to save our planet. Discover never-before-revealed storylines that deepen the mythology of the Mortal Kombat multiverse and the backstories of your favourite characters, including Jax, Sonya, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Johnny Cage, and more! This is kombat taken to a whole new level, more gritty and raw than anything you've ever seen before. FIGHT!"

Special Features:

  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Fight - A look at the role “Fatalities” and hyper-violence play in the storytelling process. Includes a detailed exploration of the fights and stunts in the new media series.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Fan Made - Go inside the mind of Mortal Kombat super fan Kevin Tancharoen and uncover the passion and vision that brought Mortal Kombat: Legacy to life.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Expanding the Netherrealm - Bring the Mortal Kombat universe to life with this multi-chapter documentary. Never before seen!
  • Mortal Kombat: Mysticism - Discover the powers that define the characters. Never before seen!
  • Mortal Kombat: Gear - Explore all the weapons that make Mortal Kombat fighting unique. Never before seen!


The Blu-Ray is currently available on Amazon for only $13.49.

Also, be sure to check out our exclusive interviews with Legacy cast members Darren Shahlavi (Kano) and Shane Warren Jones (Cyrax)!

MKO Exclusive: Syco Collectibles Spotlight: Mileena, Flesh Pits teaser, Production Blogs and more!

At the beginning of the summer, Mortal Kombat Online was proud to announce it's affiliation with Syco Collectibles - a specialty manufacturer in licensed and proprietary collectible products who has recently acquired the Mortal Kombat licence for both Mortal Kombat 2011 and 'Klassic' Mortal Kombat's to manufacture highly-detailed and faithful Characters from our beloved franchise. You can check out the fourth feature right here.

With Part V of our Exclusive Syco Collectibles Feature around the corner, this week we are giving you a special 'Character Spotlight' featuring their upcoming gorgeous 10" paint master of the twisted Clone made from Edenian Flesh and Tarkatan blood - Mileena - who is the third in their 'Enchanted Warriors of Mortal Kombat' range and is available to Pre-Order right now.

Mileena is featured wearing her MK(2011) primary costume sculpted to reflect her iconic 2011 render pose. She will retail for $129.99 - But MK Online members can nab an exclusive 20% Discount. Read on for more information. Product is not final and is subject to change!

We are also excited to announce another special MKO Exclusive: This time it comes in the form of a teaser image of their upcoming Flesh Pits' Mileena! Expect more details and a complete reveal of this sculpt in our upcoming Part V Feature. For now, enjoy the first-look teaser image of the evil Clone as she awakens from the depths of Shang Tsung's Pit.

As part of our Syco Collectibles Spotlight, we would also like to cover their special Production Blogs. These four different Blogs showcase an extensive and detailed "behind-the-scenes" look of their hard work and they reveal part of the process that went into creating and wrapping-up the Sub-Zero and Scorpion 10" statues. Each blog features a large selection of rare "behind-the-scenes" images that can be viewed completely by visiting their official website

You can view all of their images and read their full blogs by clicking on the following links:

Production Blog - Part 1:

From their article: Here is our first Production Blog for our Scorpion & Sub-Zero 10'' Statues. The first Production Sample we saw looked great, but there were a few issues with the LED's showing through the paint work on the head, but these were easily and quickly resolved. When we sent them over to WB, they came back with a couple of changes, which were relatively minor, such as; some details on the Tunic of Sub-Zero and the rivits on his back...

Production Blog - Part 2:

From their article: …we would like to provide everyone who has pre ordered Scorpion and Sub Zero 10” with a print of the official artwork of Scorpion/Sub Zero (depending on which you ordered) signed by our Master Sculptor Mason Cheng which will be included in your packaging.

Production Blog - Part 3:

From their article: The Styrofoam packaging has all been drop tested and being produced now along with the outer printed box...

Production Blog - Part 4:

From their article: As much as we can understand the frustration of having to wait for this to be completed we can simply not rush the painting process for the reason that the quality could be affected.

We will have another batch of exclusive First-Look Previews very soon, so, keep your eyes open for our Part V Syco Collectibles Feature. A New Poll concerning the First Lady of Kombat, Sonya Blade, is on its way along side new information concerning Rain, our MKO Exclusive Motaro statue, and more!

MK Online Member Discount : As we've mentioned in our previous features; we have managed to procure a fantastic oppurtunity for the MK Online community! Syco Collectibles are to be offering us and yourselves a generous and staggering 20% lifetime discount on all their Mortal Kombat Collectibles current and future. Below are the updated links for each currently available product for pre-order at the exclusive 20% Discount:

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