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Mortal Kombat Online Live Coverage of San Diego Comic-Con!

We may not be able to attend E3, but that doesn't mean we're not planning on bringing any live coverage to you! With the upcoming release of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, it only seems fitting that the game be shown at San Diego Comic-Con this year! As previously reported, Midway Games will be hosting a panel featuring series team lead and co-creator Ed Boon and DC Comics writer Jimmy Palmiotti. Mortal Kombat Online's very own Justin "]{0MBAT" Deering will be on-hand to report on the panel, as well as any other MK vs. DCU information he may come across!

As well as reporting on the events at San Diego Comic-Con, we are bringing back the MK Online Fan Interview! From now until Sunday, July 20th at 11:59 PM EDT, we invite all registered users to fill out our submission form to have a chance to get your questions asked to Ed Boon and Jimmy Palmiotti! Approximately ten winning submissions will be picked and used in the interview itself! Check the fan interview page for further details on how to enter.

Our coverage of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe at Comic-Con begins July 24th! hints at remaining DC line-up! has posted a small article on the upcoming MK vs DC Universe. In this article they drop a small list of clues towards the possible remaining characters on the DC line-up.

We only know the rest of the line-up through vague descriptions from a separate source, such as Prototypical Super Hero, Mystical Super Hero, Amazon Queen, Sexy Villainness, Crazy Villain, and Military Superhero. Many of those aren't hard to figure out, but series creator Ed Boon says the full line-up has yet to be correctly guessed by fans.

While some clues seem rather obvious, others leave much to discuss. Either way Ed Boon and the rest of the MK team are not always so predictable in their roster selections. We will be keeping you updated as more information becomes available. To view the article, simply click here.

Our thanks to for the lead on this story!

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Covered in PTOM!

In the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine, the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is covered in a six page spread. Exact details on what is covered isn't known, but the magazine reuses many of the previously released screenshots of the game by Midway.

MK_Nat, from the official Midway Boards posted small scans of the images on said website. Due to our policy regarding scans, please do not attempt to repost them here. However, given the fact Midway themselves have posted these scans links to the thread containing these images will be permitted.

To go to the thread, click here.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story!

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Announced for Comic-Con!

Midway has officially announced the presence of the upcoming crossover title Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe at the annual Comic-Con! This very popular convention is held each year in San Diego, CA and features the biggest names in the comic industry, so it was no surprise that this potentially blockbuster game would make an appearance. Jimmy Palmiotti will represent DC Comics and Ed Boon will represent Mortal Kombat.

Worlds Collide: The Making of Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - Ed Boon (Mortal Kombat) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Painkiller Jane) discuss how two billion-dollar entertainment franchises collide as Mortal Kombat warriors battle DC superheroes for the first time ever in this highly anticipated video game. Join Ed Boon and Jimmy Palmiotti for an exclusive look at never-before-seen gameplay, the unveiling of key characters on the game's roster, as well as a Q&A session for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! All panel attendees will receive an exclusive, limited edition Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Comic-con 2008 poster. Friday, July 25th 11:15AM - 12:15PM, Room 6B

Tickets for a Friday pass seem to still be available, so if you live in the area don't miss out on the excitement. As always, we will follow this story closely over the weekend and let you know of any new announcements regarding the character roster as well as the new gameplay footage that is being promised.

To read the full press release, click here.

Thanks to forum member for alerting us to this story!

GameSpot Interviews Ed Boon about MK vs. DC Universe!

The folks over at GameSpot have released an interview with Mortal Kombat co-creator and team leader Ed Boon about the upcoming crossover game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. In the Q&A;, several topics are brought up and discussed. First off, though, is how Ed reacted to the community's response to the announcement of the game.

GameSpot: Now that the news has been out for a while, what do you make of the reaction?

Ed Boon: The initial reaction was a pretty universal "WTF?" There were quite a few people who were very vocal about their opinions and a good number of them were objecting to the idea. At the same time, we understood that this was a reaction to an announcement and a teaser trailer that didn't give many specifics about the game. When little information is released, there are a lot of assumptions and speculation made by people, some of which quickly become (incorrect) facts. Fatalities is a great example of this. I was surprised to see so many stories stating (with so much certainty) that the game wasn't going to have fatalities. As if we made an official announcement. We knew that eventually people would learn the truth and all the confusion would be cleared up. In an odd sort of way, I was actually impressed to see how much passion the MK fans still have for the series. If they didn't care, you wouldn't have seen anywhere near the volume of discussion that came from the announcement.

In addition, Ed makes a clarification regarding finishing moves, in that there will be characters that kill (and in fact, will likely be the majority), but that those characters who do not kill like Superman and Batman will still finish off their opponents.

GS: Have you made any more headway on the fatality versus finishing moves?

EB: Yes we have. All of the MK characters and all of the DC villains will have fatalities. The DC heroes who don't kill that often will have brutalities that will function just like fatalities but don't actually kill the opponent.

The final big point made in the interview is that the E3 build of the game will only have four characters (likely the first four announced, but not confirmed) and two stages.

To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

Our thanks to forum/chat members and for the heads-up on this new interview!

MKvsDCU makes GameSpots list of most anticipated games of E3 2008!

GameSpot has posted a list of several highly anticipated games that will be showcased during E3 2008 and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe has made the list! You can view the list by clicking Here.

This years E3 will take place July 15th through the 17th. We will be keeping you updated as more news becomes available.

Our thanks go to and for the lead on this story.

UK X360 Magazine Confirms Sonya and Flash!

X360, a leading XBox 360 magazine based in the UK, received exclusive content from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Chief among these were the first new confirmations of playable characters that exist in the game since its announcement back during Gamer's Day. A representative from each side was revealed; Sonya and Flash!

In addition to being the cover story for the magazine, it was featured in a large layout in the interior along with several in game screenshots. Among these images are Superman using his heat vision special against Scorpion, Scorpion using his teleport punch against Batman, Flash using a speed dash against Sonya as well as a number of combat scenes. Within the text of the article elements such as the effects of Superman's cold breath special are discussed.

For copyright reasons, we cannot host the images nor can we allow users to do so. Please keep in mind that requesting where to find the images on the forums is also not allowed. When and if Midway releases some of these images, they will be promptly added to the front page.

Midway Releases Stage Concept Art from MK vs. DCU!
MK_Nat, from the official Midway Boards, has posted two new images from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! These relatively small images feature two stages in the game, out of Batman's portion of the DC Universe. A rooftop in Gotham City and the infamous Batcave.
Though these are quite small, the level of detail seems fairly impressive. Fans will note the bat signal looming overhead in Gotham and the intricate computer systems within the Batcave. When larger versions of these images become available, we will upload those images into this newslead in place of the current versions.

To view the thread on the Midway boards, click here.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story!

UPDATE by D'Arque Bishop - 10 June 2008 6:55 PM CDT - On the official site, high-resolution versions of these stage concept pieces were made available.

Midway Survey — MK vs. DCU Kollectors Edition Bonus Items!

Midway has now opened a poll which asks for fan input into an important matter. If Midway was to do a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Kollector's Edition, what bonus item would you want the most? Currently there are seven listed choices and they include: Comic Book, Art Book, Soundtrack, T-shirt, Animation Cell, Exclusive DC Video and Making of MK vs. DC Video. There is also an eighth option for those who have other ideas about what extra the game might include.

Though this does not confirm the existence of a Kollector's Edition of this game, it does hint that it is being considered. To vote for your favorite option and have your voice heard, click here to vote now.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story.

Midway Releases Batman Renders from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe!

Midway has released renders for the last of the first four confirmed fighters from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Batman! In these images, Batman is shown standing on top of a building in what is presumed to be Gotham City. Batman's costume (which appeared to be cloth in the trailers) is revealed to be body armor. Strangely, his eyes appear to be pure white as normally shown in comics, which contrasts with the more realistic look of the rest of the render.

With the release of these renders, all four announced characters from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe have been revealed. As soon as new characters are announced, we'll be sure to report on it.

Our thanks to the folks at Midway for releasing these renders!

Midway Announces MK vs DCU Podcast Series!

The folks over at Midway have announced that they are going to be starting a series of podcasts about their upcoming crossover fighting game, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. The first podcast will be recorded tomorrow; however, it will not actually be released until sometime in the next few weeks. For the first podcast, Midway will be accepting questions from a forum thread in their official forums; the top five questions selected by Midway will be answered in the podcast. The questions need to be submitted by the end of the day in order to be considered.

As always, we'll keep an eye on this. When the podcast itself is actually released and/or Midway announces the recording of the next podcast, we'll be sure to report it here.

To read the forum thread where Midway publically announced the first podcast recording and are accepting submissions to, click here.

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