MK_Nat, from the official Midway Boards, has posted two new images from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! These relatively small images feature two stages in the game, out of Batman's portion of the DC Universe. A rooftop in Gotham City and the infamous Batcave.
Though these are quite small, the level of detail seems fairly impressive. Fans will note the bat signal looming overhead in Gotham and the intricate computer systems within the Batcave. When larger versions of these images become available, we will upload those images into this newslead in place of the current versions.

To view the thread on the Midway boards, click here.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story!

UPDATE by D'Arque Bishop - 10 June 2008 6:55 PM CDT - On the official site, high-resolution versions of these stage concept pieces were made available.