Relations with Outworld remain cordial in the new era of Mortal Kombat 1, but beneath the surface of this "alien & intoxicating" incarnation seethes a beating heart of bitter disdain for all that has become of the realm. Queen Sindel holds General Shao at bay as Earthrealm attends in the newest reveal trailer. Watch:

Glimpses of story mode show us Earthrealm attending a new martial arts tournament with Raiden as their chosen champion. A horned General Shao is unimpressed, with brutal axe-wielding gameplay to back it up, but Queen Sindel has been using root boost -- holding the violent militant to account with her malevolent mane!

Is General Shao the erstwhile Shao Kahn of past realities? With Edenia's royalty holding the seat of power in the new era -- it's entirely possible, but the inexplicable presence of gigantic horns raises many questions about the lineage of his "illustrious father".

The trailer also shows off Kameo Fighter assists for Motaro and Shujinko! The returning MK3 sub-boss steps out of the past with projectile deflections and a devastating mule kick, while kung fu copycat Shujinko takes his learning skills from MK: Deception to new extremes, turning the weapons of his opponents back against them with imitated moves.

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The new trailer was unveiled by Ed Boon on stage at this year's Gamescom opening night. We're now under a month until the wide release of MK1 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 19th! Kollector's Edition holders just enjoyed a Beta preview and will get Premium Early Access to the final product starting September 14th.

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