This year's Gamescom played host to the first Mortal Kombat X demo featuring Kano -- but the klassic kombatant's pre-show reveal left few surprises for Cologne, Germany.

GamePro Magazine let the Black Dragon out of the bag early [full story], while online campaigns delivered an announce trailer, design render and high quality screenshots in time for Day 1. IGN scooped story and guest character notes, leaving local fan-site MKUNIVERSE the unenviable task of squeezing new details from keeper-of-secrets and Mortal Kombat X Creative Director: Ed Boon.

With fan-site exclusives a thing of the past since the Warner Brothers buy-out; MKUNIVERSE mined its best data from the realm of exclusion! In the tradition of the character deadpool - Boon mercilessly squashed rumors and features, all the while promising tantalizing replacements still to come!

Uncertainty introduced by an erroneous fan translation of GamePro Magazine was thankfully dealt with swiftly: Kotal Kahn is of no relation to famed villain Shao Kahn. The familial disconnect was first revealed in a tweet back in June, but an August Raiden trailer exposed the mantle of Emperor of Outworld as a common thread. The rise and fall of Kotal Kahn will play out as part of the 25 year narrative of story mode [more info].

On The Level: No stage transitions or multi-tiered levels in interactive MKX arenas.

Speaking about stages, the Creative Director revealed a conceited decision to leave some tricks to Injustice: Gods Among Us. In development there were two arenas geographically related and considered for inter-arena connections, but this was ultimately decided against. Mortal Kombat X will include no transitions or multiple layers to arenas. No news about the number of arenas to expect, either, but a "good chance" Stage Fatalities will make a return.

Any rumors of a fourth unlockable Character Variation are unsurprisingly false, but not completely baseless. The development team have toyed with a "bare bones" anti style that strips the character of any Variation-specific moves. In explanation, Boon notes the style would be particularly for high-level players -- the ultimate taunt to an opponent.

While no details about the persistent online "meta" game were on offer, Ed did vaguely tackle the issue of online quality. "We always want the next game we do to have better online." As in previous interviews, the Creative Director describes a Tag Team Mode as "unlikely." Challenge Tower is also not planned to return -- but something new (with "towers") is expected to take its place. This continues the underlying philosophy of not wanting to simply reskin Mortal Kombat (2011).

Composer Dan Forden may have returned to music chores, but the "Toasty" catchcry [and Boost] is strictly TBA. In one for the trivia hounds, Ed notes its addition in MK2011 came very late. 3D visuals -- an MK2011 feature unique to PlayStation 3 -- will not return, either.

There was no uncertainty when it came to the question of character ending sequences. The prospect of FMV cinematics was definitively ruled out: "It probably won't be the full CGI stuff. I mean, there's gonna be thirty characters. It would be awesome if we could, but that's-- that's expensive!"

On the inescapable subject of guest characters; the Creative Lead alluded to the necessary negotiation of legalities and license agreements when selections are made. This puts the kibosh on boutique fantasy casting. [Related Article: Feature: Could Hydro Appear in the Next Mortal Kombat?]

Visit MKUNIVERSE to watch the full Gamescom interview.

Finish Him: FMV cut scenes too costly for character endings.

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