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EXCLUSIVE: Mortal Kombat X Ermac Concept Art

In Mortal Kombat X, concept artists have helped to redesign and redefine klassic icons for a new generation. In this Mortal Kombat Online exclusive update: artist Justin Murray takes us deeper into the design process, revealing unused and unseen visions for the soul warrior: Ermac!

Mortal Kombat X Ferra/Torr Concept Art

Concept artist extraordinaire Justin Murray is showing off some of his contributions to the freshly minted Mortal Kombat X. This time around it's the deadly duo of Ferra/Torr -- a character Murray helped bring to life!

Mortal Kombat X Mileena Concept Art

The official launch of Mortal Kombat X has brought fans together in celebration for the new game! Joining the festivities Is concept artist Justin Murray, who shared two pieces of Mileena production art to mark the occasion!

More Mortal Kombat X Concept Art From Justin Murray

Concept Artist Justin Murray was one of several creators featured during the last NetherRealm Studios Kombat Kast. He shared more of his Reptile & Kitana work after the show, including an interesting look at an Acid Spit concept [below]:

Soul Stream
02/09/2023 05:00 PM EST
Mortal Monday
02/13/2023 06:00 PM EST
Realm Kast
02/23/2023 05:00 PM EST
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