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Mortal Kombat XL Announce Trailer

If you were reading Mortal Kombat Online last week, you saw the signs. Now the official announcement: Mortal Kombat XL bringing the komplete MKX experience to players, March 2016!

MKX DLC: The Predator Hunts in Official Trailer

Mortal Kombat X welcomes its second cross-franchise guest character beginning Tuesday with the arrival of The Predator! The alien hunter is Kombat Pack first July 7th, before hitting online stores for individual purchase July 14th!

MKX DLC: Carl Weathers is Jax - Koming Soon

Film fans will have two reasons to get excited when booting up Mortal Kombat X in July! While The Predator hogs headlines as the game's second downloadable guest fighter - The Kombat Pack will also introduce Hollywood royalty in "The Count of Monte Fisto" himself: Carl Weathers!

MKX DLC: The Predator & Carl Weathers Koming July

Mortal Kombat X introduced its first guest character in May with the downloadable addition of horror slasher icon Jason Voorhees. This July, one of action/sci-fi cinema's heavyweight warriors will also step into the fight with the arrival of The Predator! Get a taste of things to come with the first screenshots of the coming Predator/Prey Pack:

MKX DLC: Tanya Returns in Official Gameplay Trailer

The treacherous Edenian Tanya is returning to kombat in the latest official trailer for Mortal Kombat X! She joins the playable roster as the second of four additional fighters bundled in The Kombat Pack.

Tanya Koming to Mortal Kombat X DLC in June

Fans eager to get their hands on klassic kombatant Tanya won't have long to wait! The non-playabale story mode character will make the leap to the playable Mortal Kombat X roster in June!

MKX DLC: Kombat Pack Samurai Skins Now Available

Fans who've purchased The Kombat Pack officially have access to their first perk! The early download of Samurai Pack skins has been available for the past day to anyone who has confirmed their Kombat Pack access!

Mortal Kombat X: The Kombat Pack Trailer

Just when you thought The Predator was coming into view - the full Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack D:C stands revealed! Check out the new trailer with all four downloadable bonus characters and more details:

Xbox Marketplace Confirms The Predator Guest DLC

On Friday the 13th we learned the first of two guest fighters coming to Mortal Kombat X downloadable content: Jason Voorhees. Now thanks to Mortal Kombat X: Premium Edition updates on Xbox Marketplace the second can be confirmed: