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Live Stream Teaser Previews New Fatality Audio

Fwoo! Ahhh! Schlop!Floshlosh! Any excuse for a little onomatopoeia, right? NetherRealm Studios have dropped an audible teaser for their Thursday Live Stream - and it reveals a new character's fatality!... Sort of...

IGN to Reveal Mortal Kombat X Character Tuesday

Brace for a double impact! NetherRealm Studios will reveal another Mortal Kombat X character when they stream live later this week - but before they do: IGN will be getting into the act, as well!

Mortal Kombat X Developer Live Stream Next Week

The fans have asked, the developers have answered. NetherRealm Studios (@NetherRealm) will present their next Twitch live stream Thursday, January 29th!

Ed Boon's Big Day Out - Character Teaser, Schedule, Nightwolf

You may know him from the soul crushing un-reveals of the MKX Character Deadpool, or the countless gigabytes of message board mythology and deranged speculation he's inspired across the web. He's less known as the co-creator of Mortal Kombat, and continues as Creative Director on Mortal Kombat X! He's Ed Boon - and over the past couple of days, he's ramped up the tweets (@noobde) and given us more to talk about while WB holdout for the next magazine world exclusive!

From character teases, to preview schedules, Boon touched on it all. Here are some of the more noteworthy tidbits:

Who's Next? Goro & Kano Screenshots Tease Video

Kung Lao & Raiden won't be the only fighters turning up in a much talked about Mortal Kombat X video preview [later today]. The klassic heroes were teased in a new sub-titled screenshot from the clip - now it's the original bad guys' turn!

Creative Director Teases Major Mortal Kombat X Video [Updated]

Mortal Kombat X is mere months away, yet there is still so much we don't know! DC Comics' first chapter of the pre-release saga has given only sparse clues, but substantial answers may be on the way! Creative Director Ed Boon has shaken off the holiday funk to tease big things from an upcoming "video" - perhaps more than a trailer?

GamesMaster World Exclusive January - Character Reveal, Online

UK magazine GamesMaster is touting a major Mortal Kombat X "world exclusive" reveal coming in the next issue! Headlining the cover story is a new character reveal, as well as the first details regarding the mysterious persistent Online Mode!

MKX Motion Capture Photo Teases Kenshi Return?

If appearances are to be believed: the latest Mortal Kombat X Twitter tease from Creative Director Ed Boon may suggest the return of fan-favourite sword saint: Kenshi!

Who's Next? 6 Character Boot Teaser Sparks Footprint Analysis

You know what they say about a fighter's shoe... It's a clue as to who they are! These boots are made for fighting and they're the latest Twitter tease from Mortal Kombat X Creative Director @noobde [aka; Ed Boon]. Note: Scroll to the bottom for new developments in the case!

The color-obscured fan bait came just in time, as a modest showing at PAX Prime stoked the fires of desire in a hungry audience. More footage of recent additions Raiden & Kano continued to promote the 2015 fighter, which featured the latest instalment in its reveal cycle earlier in the month at Gamescom.

PAX Prime 2014: Mortal Kombat X Live Stream Details

We're just hours away from this year's PAX Prime -- next calendar gaming gathering, hosted by Seattle, Washington from August 29th - September 1st!

Mortal Kombat X is pencilled in for a modest appearance, following up their Gamescom demo from just two weeks ago. NetherRealm Studios told Mortal Kombat Online the 2015 fighter is to have the stage just once, for a Twitch streamed half hour presentation: Friday, 3:30pm.