The hints keep coming! Even as speculation ramps up for returning klassic arenas; Creative Director Ed Boon has dropped a teaser image for four new characters who'll be announced tomorrow!

The question since the earliest promotion has been: Who's Next? Four silhouettes seem to confirm a long requested second Kombat Pack, with the identities of each download character presumably to be revealed - or at least hinted at - tomorrow!

The guessing game for deliberately obscured characters has already brought forth a torrent of wild speculation, and wishful thinking. Top suspects range from a confidently identified Bo' Rai Cho on the right, to Smoke, Noob Saibot, Baraka, Sindel and combinations thereof, from left to middle.

Will Fujin finally blow a mighty wind as a playable character - or will the proverbial "Martian Manhunter" have a longer wait in an increasingly extended DLC cycle? Could the unkempt hair of Silhouette #2 give Rain fans a redesigned reprieve, or is snap speculation of the likes of Michael Meyers or Leatherface ripe for more horror guest characters?

With so many characters from story mode in the firing line, it's certainly easy to see why "encore" was on Ed's mind.

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