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Art of Kombat #8: (I Just) Died In Your Arms

Since the beginning of the series - a towering shadow has loomed large over the Mortal Kombat tournament! Boss characters have come and gone, but the image of Prince Goro remains a classic symbol, as emblazoned in player's minds as the silhouetted dragon logo!

The arcade icon is set to make his playable return in Mortal Kombat X - announced as a pre-order DLC bonus at the beginning of September! To celebrate Goro's triumphant return, we look to the artistic talents of the Fan Submission Archive to pay tribute to the Shokan Champion!

Art of Kombat is a monthly Mortal Kombat Online kommunity feature spotlighting the artists who've contributed their talents over the past decade and a half! Registered users can submit their work to the longest curated MK fan art archive for future spotlight consideration!

Art of Kombat #7: Total Eclipse of the Heart

August kicked off with the latest Mortal Kombat X character reveal: Kano. More shocking than the return of the Black Dragon bad guy was the sudden rush of enthusiastic fandom that followed! It's not that Kano isn't one of the all-time klassics. Rather, in recent times, the MK original has been taken for granted - but no longer!

A new design and fighting style has many looking forward to his commando ground & pound - including Mortal Kombat Online! We've turned our digital eye towards the Fan Submission Archive (and beyond) to scan some of the very best fan tributes to the cybernetic rogue.

This is Art of Kombat - a monthly Mortal Kombat Online kommunity feature spotlighting artists who've contributed their talents in the past and present. Be a part of upcoming spotlights by registering to submit your work for future consideration! If you're strictly admiring, be sure to show your support on the forum!

Art of Kombat #6: My Way/America The Beautiful

More than just a popular 1996 action blockbuster: Independence Day is the commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. A surprising number of global nations celebrate equivalent days in the month of July, but since Mortal Kombat is an American institution: we're firing up the barbecue, lighting some roman candles, and saluting the US Special Forces' All-American hero: Major. Jackson Briggs!

Jax has been a steadfast presence since his introduction in Mortal Kombat II -- fighting twenty years (as of last month) for truth, justice & the American way! John Parrish was the man with the massive muscles who first brought the character to life. He was one of the guests of honor attending a reunion of digitized sprites at Galloping Ghost Arcade (last weekend) [full story].

Jax has inspired some outstanding artwork housed in the Mortal Kombat Online Fan Submission Archive! Join us as we cast a spotlight on just some of the standouts this Fourth of July! Be a part of future Art of Kombat instalments by registering to submit your work for future consideration!

Art of Kombat: Baby, Let's Play House!

Earlier in June; families the United States over celebrated patriarchs everywhere as part of the local Father's Day! The annual event came as we learnt one of Mortal Kombat's favourites had entered the maturing world of fatherhood by siring Mortal Kombat X newcomer: Cassie Cage.

With nary a scale of the snake of June still visible, we sneak one final glance backward into a busy schedule. What better way to salute new papa Johnny Cage than by immortalizing his Hollywood star through the tributes found in Mortal Kombat Online's legendary Fan Submission archive - and beyond? Note: You can pay similar tribute and appear in future Art of Kombat features if you register to submit your work as well!

Art of Kombat: Mama Liked The Roses...

Mother! You're alive! Not only that - it's the second Sunday of May! In the right parts of Earthrealm that means it's your special time of celebration: Mother's Day!

What better way to celebrate the gift of life and the importance of motherhood than with Mortal Kombat's most famous mother: Queen Sindel? She's the sometimes ruler of Edenia, mother of Princess Kitana, and Shao Kahn's deadly instrument of invasion! Oh, Mom. You always know just the right undead attacks to destroy us all!

Sindel is also the subject of many terrific works in the Mortal Kombat Online famous Fan Submission archive! We're reaching into the list to showcase some of the loving tributes to mortal motherhood! You can be a part of future Art of Kombat features if you register to submit your work for future consideration.

Art of Kombat: Now and Then Theres a Fool Such as We

Bizarre headlines in the news? Unlikely changes in routine? Uncharacteristic announcements from trusted sources?... Why, it can only mean yesterday was April Fool's Day!

Medieval tradition has given way to acts of downright skulduggery, making April 1st the day of mischief, pranks & hoaxes. That's a topic Mortal Kombat knows well -- famed for its hidden secrets and in-game gags! As we restore normalcy to Mortal Kombat Online, we're reaching into the Fan Submission Archive to pay tribute to the hoax who made good: Ermac!

Learn more about Ermac's illegitimate origins in our hoaxes & phony characters feature story! Once inspired: Register to submit your kreations for discussion, archive & future feature consideration!

Art of Kombat: Just A Little Bit Of Green...

Whacking Day is still a couple of months away, but that just means there are still plenty of snakey artworks slithering around to celebrate this year's St. Patrick's Day with!

We're painting Mortal Kombat Online green with a parade of the very best Reptile artwork housed in our world famous Fan Submission Archive! If you'd like a little luck of the Irish for yourself, register to submit your work for discussion, archive & future feature consideration!

Art of Kombat: Hunka, Hunka Tarkatan Love

The day of romance has come to Earthrealm, and we want to propagate that lovin' throughout Mortal Kombat Online! What better way to celebrate St. Valentine's Day than with artistic tributes to two of Mortal Kombat's most forbidden lovers?

They came from two walks of life -- blade crossed lovers locked in passionate embrace! Impaled by cupid's arrow, theirs is a love that's downright ugly: it's Baraka & Mileena!

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