Mother! You're alive! Not only that - it's the second Sunday of May! In the right parts of Earthrealm that means it's your special time of celebration: Mother's Day!

What better way to celebrate the gift of life and the importance of motherhood than with Mortal Kombat's most famous mother: Queen Sindel? She's the sometimes ruler of Edenia, mother of Princess Kitana, and Shao Kahn's deadly instrument of invasion! Oh, Mom. You always know just the right undead attacks to destroy us all!

Sindel is also the subject of many terrific works in the Mortal Kombat Online famous Fan Submission archive! We're reaching into the list to showcase some of the loving tributes to mortal motherhood! You can be a part of future Art of Kombat features if you register to submit your work for future consideration.

We start our Mother's Day masterpiece gallery with some fine works from around the web. Fezat1 goes back to the beginning with "MK3 Sindel". It's an image with energy and style that elevates the simplistic design of the 1995 arcade fighter. His stylized cartooning combines angles and curves to reflect the right combination of poise and physical capability. Salamandra88 plays it similarly simple, with an updated design. The short, sleeveless jacket remains in "Queen Sindel" -- not exactly regal, but in keeping with the bold, revealing design the character is known for.

Closer to home: taps the punk rock energy of the original MK3 character [above]. His "Sindel" also seems to course with the comic book influences that defined Tobias-era MK. Chalk skin with a bikini goth look draws on Sindel's resurrected state, whilst conjuring comparisons to Steve Hughes and the Chaos! Comics stable. The swirling hair adds great drama and movement. Symbols on the boots remind us the undead queen is in service to Shao Kahn!

seems to have responded to Sindel's punk rock energy, as well. He channels it in a rocking redesign that reminds us of the modern world she invaded! Chunky heels, warrior queen accessories and a hard bod give a new view on the classic character. In contrast: & collaborate to create a coloured version of a more romantic Sindel. The colors of the Queen lean more regal, with a trademark flair of decorative boots and flowing hair.

By name or reputation - long time enthusiasts should know MIDWOOD! The Japanese fan-artist has been documented many times throughout the years - noted for his muscular, hyper-detailed, hyper-imaginative manga re-imaginings!

Pictured above: "SINDEL" is a piece that arguably demands the capitalization of its title! MIDWOOD's unique approach is a maelstrom of ideas - hardcore & built for kombat with ripped muscle and a macho armored bulk! Look closer, however, and there's a cathedral-like quality in the ornate royal designs. Flowing fabrics look like tapestries and the white-eyed Sindel takes on the divine aggression of Japan's sainted god-heroes. We really must recommend you get a closer look. The detail in his work isn't done justice by thumbnails! There's a forest for the trees quality that means you really need to put initial reactions aside!

When you're done with MIDWOOD. Cool down with some terrific black and white pieces by very talented pencil and pen users! Autumn-Sacura, & have contributed some terrific drawings [thumbnails below]!

Art of Kombat is on its way to becoming a monthly tradition for Mortal Kombat Online! We love looking back on the works found in our Fan Submission Archive and turning the spotlight on some very talented artists! Check out our previous seasonal instalments: St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day & April Fool's Day!

We're looking ahead to June, when Ed Boon's mystery countdown should tell us something very interesting ahead of E3! With that in mind, our theme for June remains open. You can help steer us in future directions by registering to submit new works that will inspire us!

By joining Mortal Kombat Online you become part of an archive of thousands and will be automatically featured in the Fan Submission forum when submitting! You can discuss each featured MKO submitted Art of Kombat works by clicking the piece to enter the forum. We hope to see all you mothers there!