According to a report seen on Kotaku, all of Midway's titles on Xbox LIVE Marketplace have been removed. This also includes the sole MK title on Arcade: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. According to the article, the titles are still available on the console if the titles were already purchased, and could possibly still be downloaded if deleted. However, it is not possible to purchase them at this time. The cause of the removal is not known at this time, but it's very possible it's due to rights transfers between Midway and Warner Bros. Games.

Interestingly, PSN Midway titles have been unaffected so far. Whether this will continue to be the case remains to be seen.

To read the story on Kotaku, click here.

Our thanks to our friends over at TRMK for the heads-up on this new development!

UPDATE - 12:15 PM CST - Microsoft's Major Nelson has confirmed on his Twitter that the games were pulled due to rights issues, and that if you had purchased them you can still play them or re-download them. To see his Twitter where he posted this information, click here. Our thanks again to our friends at TRMK for the heads-up!