Insert Coin: The Midway Chronicles is the highly anticipated documentary that revisits the explosive history of Midway Games -- and it's out now! Directed by Midway's own Josh Tsui, and featuring interviews with a cavalcade of gaming royalty, it tells the story of a pioneering company's legacy from the perspective of those who were there. Read on for the trailer and how you can watch:

Insert Coin has received a global digital release streaming now on Alamo On Demand everywhere except Australia & New Zealand! You can also find limited theatrical screenings on the official website!

Insert Coin has been a five year journey from community backed Kickstarter to finished product. Josh Tsui explained his goals in an interview with MK Online, noting: "Obviously MK was huge, but I'm really keen to look at all of Midway during that era. One highly underrated game was at the end of the 80s that truly affected almost all the games in the 90s: NARC."

The documentary covers behind-the-scenes industry anecdotes and the impact of blockbuster arcade titles like Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. The film tells an oral history with perspective from MK co-creator John Tobias, legendary designer Eugene Jarvis, and MK alum like Kerri Hoskins, Sal Divita, Daniel Pesina, and even film director Paul Anderson!

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