If it isn't already: Chicago's Galloping Ghost Arcade is on the fast track to becoming a mecca to Mortal Kombat fans!

Its proximity to the traditional base of operations for today's NetherRealm Studios makes it a natural home away from home for the klassic fighting series. GGA boasts a comprehensive working collection of now klassic Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets. Go there on the right day, and you might even come across some of the klassic faces who made them happen!

Last weekend (June 28), the arcade hosted Shang Tsung's Fight Night IV -- a live event that brought together a rogues gallery reunion of actors who appeared in the original digitized games!

The event was open to the public for a marathon 11AM to 2AM session at only the standard admission charge! It was a historic gathering for the cast -- some of whom didn't even appear together in the same game(s)! Continuity wouldn't get in the way of fans taking the opportunity to get autographs, photographs and a rare opportunity to mingle with the fighting game icons!

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: The original kast reunite at GGA! [via Galloping Ghost Productions]

In attendance [pictured above] were: [Back Row]: John Parrish (Jax), Carlos Pesina (Raiden), Kerri Hoskins (MK3 Sonya Blade), Brian Glynn (Shao Kahn), Lia Montelongo (Sindel), Richard Divizio (Kano, Quan Chi, Baraka), Anthony Marquez (Kung Lao, Fujin), Daniel Pesina (OG Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero etc). [Front]: Philip Ahn (MKII Shang Tsung), Sal Divita (Nightwolf, Sektor, Cyrax) & John Vogel (Artist).

The gathering coincides with the 20th anniversary of Mortal Kombat II -- a landmark sequel that continues to loom large as one of the series' greatest successes! The 1993 arcade hit challenged everything the original game had established - ramping up the number of characters, the colors, the moves and the mythology. Much of the modern series owes to this original ground breaking game!

So enduring is the affection held for the digitized era, that it continues to be reprised in different forms. A three-game Arcade Kollection was released in 2011. The subject of the games was the basis of the last game: Mortal Kombat (2011). Attempts by developers and fans alike to recreate Mortal Kombat HD has seen mixed results. [Related Article: Lost Kontent: Mortal Kombat HD Behind-the-Scenes Photos]

For those who couldn't make it - there has been good documentation!
After making waves through social networks -- Mortal Kombat Online learnt about the event through the likes of series co-creator John Tobias (@therealsaibot) -- the event was streamed live via GGA's Twitch! Galloping Ghost have also shared a massive gallery of photos on the Galloping Ghost Productions Facebook account.

VGEvo were in Chicago to cover the event. They shared their take with videos, including this clip of Daniel Pesina demonstrating the rope dart -- a weapon he helped make famous as the original Scorpion!

Be sure to visit the Galloping Ghost Productions page for more photos and information about Chicago's largest video game arcade! Team GGA will no doubt be one of the teams to keep an eye on at the 2014 Evo World Championships next week - July 11-13. Injustice: Gods Among Us will be there with NetherRealm Studios in the house to watch and maybe more [original story].

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