Edit: What is this, an April Fool's joke? Of course it is! We went all out with this year April Fool gag -- but you knew all along! You just can't fool a Mortal Kombat Online reader - their source of MK news keeps them too reliably informed! We hope you had a good time with our little joke, all the same. You never know - maybe one of these days someone really will unearth a long-buried MK secret! If they do, you'll read about it on MK Online - so stay tuned!

It's no secret that the Mortal Kombat series is known for its secrets, but this one sets a record in that is taken nearly 25 years to be discovered! Mortal Kombat 3 was released in 1995, but a user named JustMKollum was going through the game's source code and managed to find unused renders for the game's developers and co-creators: Ed Boon and John Tobias!

In their entirety, the bios read:

Ed Boon: A humble software programmer from a large city in North America, Boon was kidnapped by a clan of Chinese "ninjas" called the Lin Kuei. He is faced with a choice: write the programming that controls their cybernetic assassins, or be killed. He agrees, but the clan has no idea how buggy his buggy AI will be.

John Tobias: A young comic book artist from the city, Tobias begun using his skills as a police sketch artist alongside Kurtis Stryker. He goes into hiding once Kahn begins his invasion of Earth, but vows to make a totally sweet comic book about the whole adventure - if he manages to survive the ordeal.

The MK team has a penchant for being self-referential and rarely inserting themselves into the game (Toasty!), but this revelation shows that they had planned to take it a step beyond. In fact, this may constitute the largest discovery in the entire series–right up there with the EJB Menu or the found footage of the Williams Bally/Midway ACME Event!

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