Speedrunning streamer has just set a new world record for Mortal Kombat 3, defeating the Arcade board's Master tower in under five minutes! The new record now stands at 4 minutes 57.66 seconds and has just been verified by the moderation team over at Speedrun.com. The feat was captured live on stream - watch the archived video below:

To view the full speedrun, preserved on Twitch, you can view the embed above or click here.

The speedrun verification process requires the submitter to have completed his playthrough on a live stream, as well as submit a MAME ".inp" file replay. In addition, Outworld presents an input display alongside the actual playthrough, so that his exact button presses can be matched to the actions shown on screen.

Speedrunners of Mortal Kombat 3 utilize a number of techniques at their disposal. These include timing the speed of the punches so that the AI does not try to avoid them to fast-pressing the "insert coin" button once a round is over to rush on to the next match.

Outworld used top speedrunning choice Cyrax to set his record-breaking run, beating his own previous record while keeping NerdyNester at bay, with a 2nd place record of 5 minutes 15 seconds. Click the image below to enlarge the MK3 Arcade leaderboard at the time of posting, and be sure to check out Outworld's appearance on the MK Online Stream.

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