Rumours have been flying back and forth concerning the possibility of Mortal Kombat making its way to Sony's new PSP system. Such rumours have been fueled by listings in some game store sites. To get an idea of the truth, we checked with our confidential sources within Midway Games, who spoke to us under condition of anonymity. The answer they gave was a definite affirmative to the rumours. According to our confidential sources, Mortal Kombat: Deception will in fact make its way to the Sony PSP by year's end.

At this point not much else is known about the PSP port; we were given the impression that not even a ship date is known at this point. More official news will be forthcoming in the next couple of months, however. Keep it tuned here, as we will report more on these developments as we learn about them.

Our thanks to those people who emailed in News Lead Submissions about the possibility of a PSP port, and to our anonymous Midway source who helped confirm it!