The folks over at Midway have released another render from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! This time, the render is of one-eyed master assassin/mercenary Deathstroke! While Deathstroke is a long-time DC Universe supervillain, he has been relatively obscure to non-comics fans until recently, when he appeared as the main villain in the Teen Titans cartoon series. However, in the animated series, he went by his character's first name of Slade. Only the high-resolution version is currently known to be available.

With the release of this render, only four characters remain to be unveiled: Lex Luthor, Baraka, Darkseid, and Shao Kahn. As soon as those renders are released, we'll be sure to report it here!

Our thanks to forum/chat member samus_aran3900 for the heads-up about this new render!

EDIT - 12 September 4:35 PM CDT - The official Facebook page has been updated with the low quality image of the render, and also the versions with the white and black backgrounds. Our thanks again to samus_aran3900 for letting us know about these renders!