The court of public opinion is now in session! Injustice Battle Arena is pitting the heroes and villains of the upcoming DC Entertainment fighting game against one another in mortal combat! It's up to fans to decide who will win in the ultimate tournament of Gods Among Us!

New battles unfold every Monday as we count down to the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us! Fans will vote in an elemination style bracket until the grand final decides the ultimate God Among Us, April 8!

Can't decide who would win these epic showdowns? A cavalcade of familiar faces weigh-in for the Semi Final battles! Click the name to load their predictions in the above video space: Tara Strong & Wayne Brady (The Dynamic Duo), Scott Porter & Tim Jo (Team Bandslam), Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith (Jay & Silent Bob), Jason Priestley (of Canadian-American origins), Geoff Johns & Jim Lee (Masters of the Universe) & Jon Huertas & Bas Rutten (UFC Champion & Partner)! Obviously this league of experts has been assembled because they're phenomenally qualified in the superhero arena, but we'd look like a bunch of amateur clowns if we didn't contribute something of substance, so here are some more words and some little pictures:

Semi Final 1: Batman versus The Flash
On the surface it might seem The Dark Knight has met his match, but as the old saying goes: Batman always wins! Both heroes possess a keen mind honed by the crime fighting sciences, but only Flash applied his interests to a vocation, receiving super-human powers in the process! The Scarlet Speedster has sprinted out of close calls against Captain Marvel and Joker, but can he really overcome the ever popular Bat-vote? Having bested Bane and Wonder Woman in previous rounds, Batman proves powers certainly aren't everything. For our money it's any mans match to win, with the result down to motivation and circumstance!

Semi Final 2: Green Lantern versus Superman
Strength and power make Superman's a difficult will to oppose, but if anyone has the authority to step up to The Man of Steel, it's Hal Jordan: Earth's premiere Green Lantern! Supes already beat back another legendary ring slinger in the form of Sinestro and followed with the domination of GL's pal, Green Arrow. Still, wielding the most powerful weapon in the universe; Green Lantern has taken out a powerhouse in Solomon Grundy, and a popular choice in Aquaman. Like the previous Semi, it's a battle that could go any way on any given day, but you've got to suspect a Batman/Superman final could be on the cards!

This week's battles determine the final competitors for the Battle Arena championship! Friday winners will progress to the Tournament Final, where an A-list line-up of Gods Among Us converge to determine the ultimate winner!

Keep up to date with results and weekly superfight previews with our Battle Arena Announcement Hub! Tell us who you think should win and engage in the combat of opinions on the DC Universe Injustice forum! Injustice: Gods Among Us hits home consoles April 16 (17, Australia; 19, Europe).