The court of public opinion is now in session! Injustice Battle Arena is pitting the heroes and villains of the upcoming DC Entertainment fighting game against one another in mortal combat! It's up to fans to decide who will win in the ultimate tournament of Gods Among Us!

New battles unfold every Monday as we count down to the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us! Fans will vote in an elemination style bracket until the grand final decides the ultimate God Among Us, April 8!

Can't decide who would win these epic showdowns? Listen to the expert testimony of these special eye witnesses: Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob), Scott Porter (Television Actor), Wayne Brady & Tara Strong (Guy your mom loves & voice of Harley Quinn)! The opinions are real, the names have not been changed.

Superfight 1: Aquaman versus Cyborg
It's a study in contrast as the old world charms of the monarch of the sea are tested by the futuristic tech of the man turned machine! This could easily become a debate about the credibility of Aquaman, but if you've seen the reveal trailer, you know this is an Aquaman who came to play! Cyborg's got the hardware to take Aquaman down, but in these contests, ol' Arthur Curry has a history of cheating to win (via fishy interference). Seniority and Atlantean mysticism might have it, but it's bound to come down to the wire!

Superfight 2: Green Lantern versus Solomon Grundy
Born on a Monday, Solomon Grundy was a real stick in the mud for classic arch-nemesis Alan Scott. That ring slinger had a weakness to wood the marsh-born Grundy could take advantage of, but he'll have no such luck against this Green Lantern! With his Oan ring, Hal Jordan can use his limitless willpower to conjure any form he conceives! Grundy may have brute strength, but Jordan has one of the most powerful weapons in the universe! Took ill on Thursday, grew worse on Friday!

This week's Battle Arena preview plays it pretty mild, but fans of the Green Lantern Corps should get a thrill out of a group cameo from the universe's finest. The only question now -- is this GL's team-based super-move, or part of the story mode?

Keep up to date with results and weekly superfight previews with our Battle Arena Announcement Hub! Tell us who you think should win and engage in the combat of opinions on the DC Universe Injustice forum! Injustice: Gods Among Us hits home consoles April 16 (17, Australia; 19, Europe).